As a leader, our role is to help guide the leadership team that reports to us. There are certain conversations that should be asked every week when you meet with your leadership team.

You don’t meet with your leadership team weekly? Why not? It is critical to maintaining communications with your leadership team. It’s not just for them, but for your benefit. You need to know what is going on in your organization as much as your team needs to know what going on at the higher level.

Along with filling your team in on what’s happening in the overall picture, you need to have conversations and ask questions each week to understand what’s going on in their teams.


NPS – Net Promoter Score

The first conversation is related to your company’s NPS or Net Promoter Score. If you or your company don’t know what NPS is you should check out this article by Bain & Company – Measuring your Net Promoter Score

You should know what it is. Do your leaders? Do they know how they can contribute to the score, in a positive direction, specifically?They and each member of their team should continuously think about growing their personal Net Promoter Score as well as the organizations.

A high NPS will show what the culture is like related to the customer. Customer-centric companies have higher NPS Scores. Bain & Company point out that “NPS leaders grow at more than twice the rate of their competitors.”

CPI – Continuous Process Improvement

Another conversation for your weekly meeting should be about Continuous Process Improvement.  What are we doing to continually improve the way we do things?

Never let anyone say, “Well, that the way we’ve always done it here.” The more areas you can improve, especially in those areas that improve the customer experience, will turn your customers into promoters.

How is their team measuring performance and processes? How how can they make changes to streamline and make them more efficient or more extraordinary for the customer. The customer could be your external customers or internal customers. What are you doing to reward those who offer and implement those improvements? Which goes to the next conversation you need to have weekly with your leadership team.

WDE – Who’s Doing Extraordinary

OK, I just made up WDE, but the point is important. Who has done something extraordinary and how have we rewarded them publically? We know the advice, punish privately and praise publicly. How are we praising those that do extraordinary actions that contribute to the company NPS or their own?

Do you have a colleague recognition program in place? This will contribute to a positive corporate culture. People will want to work for a company where they feel appreciated and rewarded.

“What gets measured gets done, what gets measured and fed back gets done well, what gets rewarded gets repeated.”  ~ John E. Jones III

We want good repeated in business. What are you doing to reward those that provide exceptional customer service? If you haven’t started a colleague recognition program, do so.
You should know who these people are and send a personal note to them, the first chance you get.

There are several other items of business that should be covered in your weekly meetings, but these three, NPS, CPI and WDE are key elements that will carry your corporate culture further and grow your business and your career.