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Every entrepreneur or business has a vision, a dream for themselves and their company. 

Whether a startup or an established organization, those goals may be sales revenue goals, market penetration, self-improvement or business growth. You need your team to understand those goals and what it takes to achieve them. 

High-performance goal achievement is a skill many do not understand. Is your team continuously missing their high-performance goals? Does your team know how to set the goals and objectives that will allow them and you to achieve your vision? 

Studies Show

Scientific studies at Dominican University show that 33% more people achieve their goals and objectives using some of the Goal Getting™ program steps we’ve been using and presenting for over 15 years. Would you like to increase your revenue, market penetration of business growth by 33% this year? Of course, you would.

We work with you or your company to create high-performance colleagues in your sales teams, management cadre, or leadership teams developing skills in high-performance goal setting that leads to successful goal achievement. It takes more than just writing your goals down, although the first step. Using the 3 Pillars of Goal Setting Success will help you create the foundation for successful achievement.

About Me

I am Tony Woodall, the CEO of Motivated Action Group. I have been using the steps in our programs for over twenty years to achieve my personal and career development, business and professional goals. My latest major successful goal achievement was last year where I transformed my body back to what it looked and felt like when I was 30 and actually being in better shape now than I was at 18. I let myself reach 300 pounds while I achieved my goal to become the Chief Information Officer for a mortgage company. It took me a few years to achieve my transformation. Finally, following my own Goal Getting™ program steps, I released the final 65 pounds 90 days earlier than I set in my goal. 

Tony’s leadership skills shine when he mixes personal stories with motivational speaking. He gives you the tools to rise out of your comfort zone and accomplish the goals you have always sought, but never chased down. After listening to his presentation in the past 2 years, I attribute many of my recent accomplishments to his insightful techniques.

Tyler Bontemps

Standard Charter Bank

Tony, you are someone I admire. I am always excited to listen to your programs. They are entertaining, encouraging, and of course, inspiring!

Eryl Bonilla

Professional Loan Program Support Manager

Thank you so much for a fantastic presentation to our members.
I think everyone benefited from it. I’m already thinking more deeply about my goals for 2017 – I’ll let you know how it goes.


Donnie Karlin

International Facilities Managers Accociation, San Francisco Chapter

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