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We train companies on leadership development strategies that improve communication, optimize priorities, and build critical-thinking teams that achieve your most important goals.

At Motivated Action Group, we unlock your organization’s success story.


About Me

I am Tony Woodall, the Founder of Motivated Action Group, based in Walnut Creek, California, with an unwavering passion for organizational excellence and team development. I established my boutique consultancy to empower businesses with the ability to enhance their internal communication, boost productivity, and achieve operational clarity. I draw upon 30 years of leadership and practical experience as an Entrepreneur, Chief Information Officer, Marketing Manager, and lending sales to construct models and strategies that not only help organizations develop robust leadership but also foster collaborative team dynamics.

In my capacity as an executive coach, team optimization strategist, and leadership consultant, I work closely with companies to implement innovative strategies that are designed to nurture a transformative culture within their business environment. My dedicated team and I are committed to guiding organizations in identifying and communicating their core values, thereby promoting a culture of high-performance leadership at all levels. We are enthusiastic about helping leaders and their teams unlock their full potential, ensuring they can rise to meet today’s challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities.

I am a Graduate of the Mortgage Bankers Association School of Mortgage Banking and have earned the Certified Mortgage Banker, Residential (CMB); Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP); Certified Mortgage Technologist (CMT), all from Mortgage Bankers Association. I am a Certified OKR Coach by WorkBoard, Inc.; Certified Red Team Thinker from Red Team Thinking, Inc.; Xinnix Certified Originator, Xinnix, the Mortgage Academy of Excellence; and Multi-First Place Toastmasters speaking contest winner. 

Some of the organizations I’ve worked with include First Republic Bank, Opteum Inc. (as Chief Information Officer) and Relationship Manager, First Town Mortgage, SSI/Servantis Systems Inc., Fannie Mae Software Systems, Mortgage Development Systems and RAW DataComm, boutique consulting firms, Golden Gate Breakfast Club President, National Speakers Association of Northern California, and a Coffee News Franchise Owner.


Our OKR Coaching Program

OKRs stands for Objectives & Key Results. What are OKRs,  you might be asking? 

Is it a goal-setting framework? Yes, it is. However, I like the definition that Ben Lamorte, the Founder of OKRs.com uses. 

OKRs is a critical thinking framework and ongoing discipline that seeks to ensure that employees work together, focusing effort to make measurable contributions.

It is more than a goal-setting framework if done properly. It isn’t about just setting goals at the beginning of the year or quarter. It requires critical thinking to determine what is the most important work you need to be doing to achieve the objectives you and your organization need to achieve. Using OKRs helps build the discipline your teams need to focus on to make contributions that move the needle and work together to do so. 

Motivated Action Group works with your leaders using Red Team Thinking skills and tools to build more critical thinking leaders as they work together on the objectives that will take your organization to the next level. 


Goal Getting with OKRs

Our Goal Getting with OKRs Coaching program is a 3-phase approach.  This 3-phase approach has been used by expert OKR Coaches with hundreds of team and organizations and it works every time.

Deployment Coaching

Understand and agree on key OKR deployment parameters such as:

  1. “Why are we deploying OKRs?”
  2. “Which teams will set OKRs?”
  3. “How will we score Key Results?”
  4. “How will OKRs be integrated into performance reviews?”
  5. “How many OKRs will each team have?”


Once your deployment plan is established, we will craft a tailor-made training program for you. The dedicated team at Motivated Action Group possesses the expertise to ensure your ongoing success with OKRs. Our comprehensive offerings include:

  1. Workshops for executives and teams, as well as
  2. Training for internal OKR coaches and KR Champions.

Furthermore, we provide assistance in implementing cutting-edge tools and technologies that seamlessly integrate OKRs into your company’s culture.

Cycle Coaching

Discover the power of OKRs theory and practice as we seamlessly guide you through the 3-step OKRs Cycle:

  1. Setting and Aligning OKRs,
  2. Efficient Check-Ins and Monitoring, and
  3. Empowering Reflection and Reset.

Our meticulously designed cycles typically span 3-4 months, ensuring optimal results. With our extended engagements running for 8 months, we’re dedicated to providing unwavering support as you conquer 2 transformative cycles.

Our Speaking Programs

What you can expect from us


  • Exceptional Service and Support.
  • Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.
  •  A personal virtual consultation (via Zoom) with me before your event, so we can better understand how we can best serve you and your audience/ team.
  •  An announcement about your event on my blog and social media channels. (Assuming that your event is open to the public and you desire additional visibility.)
  •  A professionally prepared, dynamically delivered presentation focused on achieving the goals and outcomes you want with your audience.
  •  A follow-up communication after the event from me.
  • A survey for your audience to provide feedback to the speaker and the organization.

Goal Getting In Your Next Normal

Change is inevitable. With each change, we begin our Next Normal.  We may feel like our world is falling apart. But, like a globe, when the world changes, we create a new globe for our next normal world.

Creating and maintaining our motivation is possible by understanding how to set our goals, manage our mindset, and develop and follow the systems to do so.

This conversation shows your organization the importance of crafting goals and objectives that keep them inspired.

Key Take Aways

  • Learn the 9 Steps to Successful Goal Achievement
  • How to craft goals that inspire achievement.
  • How to craft key result measurements to know they are succeeding.
  • How to use systems to manage and track goal progress.
  • How to maintain a success mindset.