Often when we set goals we have to overcome habits that prevent us from successfully achieving them. On my weight release journey last year, I found and changed a habit that kept me overweight. I was a stress eater. When I was stressed my tiger would go on the prowl.

I used to go out for a walk around the building. I would round the corner of the building and my nose would smell it. Specialties, the cookies, the pastries,

My tiger would pounce.

It turned out this was a habit I had learned.

Habits have 3 parts:

  1. The Cue – something that triggers the habit. In my case it was stress.
  2. The Routine – what the mind and body do to relieve the cue: Walk around the building to Specialties and eating a cookie or pastry.
  3. The Reward – what you do that reduces or eliminates the cue. My reward was a SWEET TREAT.

The key to changing habits is not to remove the reward or the cue, but to change the routine.

When my tiger started prowling, I changed where he prowled. Instead of walking around the building, I went to the cafe next door, picked up a nice sweet, juicy apple. I sliced the apple in thin, cookie-like shapes and ate them. I love apples, they, too, are a SWEET TREAT.

I retained the same cue and reward. but I changed the routine.

What are the habits that keep you from achieving your goals? Change the routine to set a new habit that is healthier for you.

If you are working on a wellness goal such as weight loss, I understand how hard it is. However, you can do it by modifying your habits.

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